the ceo broken knuckle list

i guess i should explain the title.

in order to prevent someone from signing off on a particular project, an effective method might be breaking their knuckles. if you've ever tried to sign anything with broken knuckles... 'nuff said

so today i struggled with an HP printer on a new iMac. i won't bore you with the details, suffice to say a work around had to be found for a printer driver/OS problem.

so if whoever signed off on this printer driver as in "it works with OSX" had their knuckles broken (and i don't mean just the ones the once required for the actual signing, i mean all of them. think of it as a pre-incentive not to do it again.) they would have been unable to sign off, and hence keep a broken driver driver from being released.

failing that, if whoever signed off on "this driver works great with OSX" had theirs broken it wouldn't have made it made it into apple's ecosphere.

so, for today at least, whoever the CEO of HP is this week needs their knuckles broken. i hear what you're saying, the CEO is not responsible for the're right, they're not, but upon freshly broken knuckles (with reason given given to them), they will hunt down the correct person responsible.

this is not the first HP printer driver problem. ask Richard Stallman about his.

and now apple's ceo, breaking some knuckles there would solve a multitude of OSX problems.

two things:

this is a modest proposal, don't go all Becky on me.

my tool of choice? ball peen hammer of course :)