windows 10

spent the last few months with the windows 10 tech preview, and a few weeks ago go the notification on my win7 laptop about the "reservation for windows 10".

installed it last night.

of all the things that MS as ripped off of Apple (regardless of how you feel about it), one of the best things is their latest install process.

it. was. flawless.

I've been liking win10 for a while, but the install experience on a 3+ year win7 old laptop I was more than impressed.

to be fair the last osx upgrade to Yosemite went fine also, but I wasn't expecting this from Microsoft.

so I've been using it the entire day today (i'm currently typing this with Edge in my blogging interface). My only two complaints were, the very neutral colour of the window titlebars, that was a an easy fix ( and it works great.

and when clicking "open in a new tab" in Edge, it just closes suddenly. has happened about half a dozen times to me, and others have mentioned it. but I can live with it. Edge is fast. I know it will get fixed, so i'm not too worried about it.

My favorite two features: the flat look (more "polished" than win8.1), and the ability to have win10 automatically pick "accent colours" based on the desktop background.

ALL the programs I had installed on win7 still run, with one exception, RollbackRX won't have anything win10 compatible till next year (and they are hearing about that :)

I would have no qualms about buying a win10 laptop tomorrow.