thanks tim

...for continuing to eff up osx

ok, i'm guessing i should thank him. latest version of osx pretty much screwed the menumeters guys. i've been using menumeters since 2008 when i had to give up on windows. i guess there's some internal signature thing that osx needs to make it "more secure" (43 secs later after i stop laughing)...

pretty much needed a replacement so i turned towards istat menus which i've been reading about for ages.

turns out it's a pretty good replacement and i'll stick with it until tim decides it doesn't fit with the "design philosophy" or "security" (another 14 sec laugh) or "ambience" or whatever he's trying to copy from steve, and it doesn't work either.

friggin' ceo's...break all their knuckles and go marathon man on their teeth.

wait for'em to ask why...