thanks again timster

yup, for effing up osx even further.

for you osx fanboys here's some the stuff you are saying is "better"

  • no windowshades
  • no spaces
  • no scrollbar arrows
  • no gui customization whatsoever
  • "protecting" osx so that none of the above will work, or any future other innovative software
  • security updates released only when called out by the tech community

of course you have no choice but to upgrade (if not right away, within a few weeks)

tim if you're reading this here's some more things you can screw up for the next version:

  • disallow any menubar items except for apple app related ones
  • disallow any 2+ button mouse
  • disallow booting from usb
  • remove more usb ports (and any others that are currently useful)

oh i know, make osx and ios one os... that'd be cool and completely useless