programming languages I

a lot of years ago i used to run fidonet hub. i really enjoyed being a fidonet hub and i still miss it today, but it was pretty clear to me that when i started moving up in the ranks of fidonet positions, it meant that the people at the top who were never going to let go...let go. i eventually became the main hub (NEC for net249) then NC, then RC for region 18. nobody liked me (hello #net229), i think that was the net. mainly because i didn't do what they wanted. which was pretty much the problem with the history of fidonet.

i digress.

one year ('96 i think) one of the fidonet/bbs developers was taking some courses at queens university (a big deal here, not him, the university) he didn't want to run a bbs here during his stay but wanted/needed to stay in touch. he wanted to be a point. use the google if you don't know what that means. and contacted me directly. it was probably fidonet "protocol" at the time. he called me up, and during the setup, which for both of us, we could have done in our sleep, we talked bout programming languages.

he told me that he tried to learn a new one every summer. at that time i knew and used (mostly) regularly: 8086 assembly, pascal, c, and quickbasic. he mentioned some others that i knew about in passing but didn't have any real knowledge of.

for some reason i thought this was a neat idea and decided to do the same thing. first one i tied to learn that summer was perl. previously my only experience with a "dynamic" language was commodore 64's basic 2.0

perl clicked for me right away. i mainly code in what would be perl 4.0x. i started to use some perl 5 features later on, but never did get into object oriented programming in perl.

i became a big advocate of perl and my bbs featurwd a lot of perl for dos stuff. i didn't run windows at the time (*)

* side note here: when i originally wrote the draft for this blog, in the parenthesis i put "still don't". that was back in jan/2015. since then i've added a windows 10 laptop to my regular use. as you can read in some of my previous blogs i'm becoming more and more disillusioned with osx.

another side note: something i just discoverd the other day: the dos version of perl 4.xx does not run on windows10. that sucks.

(to be continued)