programming languages II

so continuing: I didn't run windows at time but i did have a perl archive for windows. I ended up the moderator for the perl echo at one point.

life got interesting for me in the next few years. fast forward to the summer of 2002 and the language i wanted to pick up was tcl/tk. i was really into blogging and linux so i wanted a cross-platform blogging application. i ended up writing tkblog.

i'm pretty sure it was the first one (cross-platform blogging app). written entirely in tcl/tk. it was primitive by todays standards like Marsedit, but you could add links, have macros, didn't need a database backend, etc. A guy named Jan Galkowski (remember me? :) ) added some image stuff and cleaned up the RSS code. there was no github at the time but opensource is great.

in the next couple of years i tried java (too effing much typing), python (you want abuse, go into the python newsgroup and tell them you're coming from perl). those guys got serious issues. back to python in a bit.

after i got disillusioned with python i went to ruby. it was perl like, object oriented, and did threading in a way i liked. i ended up writing a thread safe logging module but i never released it. i found ruby kind of wordy, it had more typing than i wanted. i volunteered for some ruby on rails coding at work and that pretty much sucked the fun out of ruby for me. other than simple modifications to someone else's code, i never went back to it.

continued in pt III