programming languages III

fastforward again to linuxfest northwest in bellingham wa. i was in a debugging session and someone mentioned a a threading problem he was having in Go. i had never heard of Go which is probably what piqued my interest. good chance that guy is not reading this, but his problem sounded like a race condition.

anyway, i played around with it a fair bit in OSX but getting the environment right and no official gui support dampened my initial enthusiam for it (more on Go later).

then apple announced swift and i got interested in that. to me it was light years ahead of objective-c for the mac but not cross-platform. at least not yet.

clearly i was looking for a new language to get into :)

...or at least easy gui programming on the mac

why easy? because we are using computers in 2016. there's no reason for gui programming on a computer not to have progressed like everything else with computers.

i've always said that the quickest and easiest way to crank out a gui app is Tcl/Tk.

Let's back that up with an example:

button .b -text "Quit" -command { exit } pack .b

that results in this:

simple dialog box with a quit button. click the button, it quits. and it does the same thing on all os's. that's it. you won't see that for any other language. not that simple.

problem is, i wanted a standalone executable for osx. on linux that's not an issue, you just post the source. on windows you can use freewrap or theWrap (if you were lucky enough to register that when it was available). both of those still run on windows 10). turning a Tcl/Tk code into a .app for osx is a major effing pita.

on a mac. in 2016.

one day, just for the hell of it i took a look at python again. i knew that python was suppsed to have an easy way to create standalone executables. i also knew that it was python 3 that i wanted to work with. it supposed to be the future according to the creator, but it's taken at least 10 years (and counting) for it to get there. <snrk>

fiddling around with it for a few minutes and i was able to create a quickie gui app (using tkinker) that was a standalone .app on osx.

this is something that should have have been disgustingly simple with Tcl/Tk (because everyting else is). it wasn't. i still use Tcl/Tk and like it for quick gui apps, but i probably won't code anything non-trivial with it on a mac.

my only legacy issue ith python is the mantra "there's only one way to do it". which i read to mean "if you don't code exactly the way guido would, your code will be crap".

that sounds like the exact opposite of perl's "tim toadie" and larry wall's (paraphrased, i can't find it) quote "if it works, it's right"

then i got the idea to do python my way. if it solves the problem, it's the right way...for me. i'm ok with that. i'm actually hoping it will annoy a python user (ie. the newgsgroup guys with issues)