BOHICA from Pebble

a few years ago i got together with some long time friends at a local brew pub. we didn't really talk about old times as much as we complained about our respective jobs. ok not complained, but "here's a stupid thing they made me do at work" conversation.

one of my friends was wearing a pebble steel. after a quick hands on demo i pretty much had to have one. i think i owned it for about six months before the Pebble Time was announced.

Colour e-paper!

yeah, i was gonna have to own one of those too. it was easy to sell my pebble steel. i priced it to sell and included an extra watch band.

and then last month (dec/2016) pebble went out of business. all the details are available elsewhere so i won't repeat them here.

not only do they go out of business, but BOHICA you weren't going to get the one you ordered from the third Kickstarter.

but wait!! there's more! BOHICA if you did receive one or had bought one within the last 12 months, there'd be no warranty.

to be fair, i can't really complain. i had my pebble time for about a year and used it several times everyday. i'd like to think i got my money's worth. it just really sucks that for whatever the reason, they couldn't make a go of it. and i doubt if fitbit is going to take the high road with this acquisition.

the pebbble watch is dead to me now. i have a new smartwatch. i'll post about it later after i've worn it for a bit.