the ceo broken knuckle list

i guess i should explain the title.

in order to prevent someone from signing off on a particular project, an effective method might be breaking their knuckles. if you've ever tried to sign anything with broken knuckles... 'nuff said

so today i struggled with an HP printer on a new

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Screwing up the Mac

Andy Ihnatko has complained about this on MacBreak weekly.

Incremental changes with each iteration of OSX while just annoying right now, in the longer term they add up to something no better than windows.

And Steve jobs is not coming back to get Apple back on the path.

So I

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K-Tel - Out of Sight

i didn't have a stereo (what we called it back in the '70's) or even a transister radio (what we called those tubeless things that delivered music :) so my exposure to the world of music was pretty limited, other than the country and western that my parents listened to.


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trying out backgrounds

so much easier with markdown in ghost (looking at YOU squarespace)

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background image

this is the background image in case you're curious

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